Intensity of Love


A lot of us as people today cry and go through stresses of what we all begin, we enter into relationships in our own accord, no one forces us to. There are such devastating things that people end up doing in the name of love, most of us end up in hate of one another all in the quest of saying that we are in love. I have in years seen most of my relationship go down the drain all because mostly i have been regarded as a soft person, may i just help someone who may be going through a similar kind of situation in life. There is nothing wrong about being soft on things in your relationship, it is how much of seriousness your softness makes your relationship, i have read a passage somewhere that says that “a soft answer, turns away wrath and a hush answer stirs anger” see the intensity of love is just based on your soft answer and attitude to things and your relationship, this is just your simple way of understanding your relationship and this indeed can make your love more intense. Be blessed and be a blessing


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