Shift of Love


Most of relationships are so dampened by the notion of culture, our ways of doing things are the same, we have now set up love cultural societies instead of relationships. I have found this so intimidating a lot of times when you find especially woman, they have a tendency of thinking that man know what they want and man know how to answer their questions. Women tend to make assumptions man tend to be direct and if a man is not sure he says it out of truth a woman makes the truth out of assumption, i know this may sound sexist but that is what have made our relationships today what they are. If we both understand one another as to the direct truths of love then our mentality of tradition becomes a shift in the way we look at love. Like its attributes, love does not seek its own, it is not selfish, it is polite/kind, it gives and forgives, these among other things if followed very well there will be a shift of love in all our relationships, be blessed and be a blessing


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