Just Success


There are a lot of us today who are just stagnant and we have made life more uncomfortable for ourselves. Do you know that when you have a negative thought you are closing your success door, i grew up in Africa and the climate i grew up in forced hope to die even in my parents lives. I have been told that i am just going to be part of that society that is always living life for today that does not even dream of tomorrow, if i was to think the way i was forced to think, i believe i would still be in a system that decays and deteriorates everyday. My thought began with a little hope of success, then i started believing in the opposite to what my climate looked like, my positive thought began opening doors for me. Today if there is someone that finds themselves, in Soweto, the Projects, wherever your location is, let me tell you a simple thing that you did not see all are long, you are just different and you have to think positive, its just success that you need to think of. Your thought will get you out of the projects, your thought will make your Soweto a better place you live in, your thought will get you out of the council estate. It is your thought that will lead you to just success and this is what it is, if you thought you will remain the same, this blog will make you understand that start thinking and start archiving, its just success.


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