Illegal Authority on Peace


There are a lot of us today that may believe in what we see, but in actual fact most of us are forced into believing what we believe. Russia has in today’s world shown that they can indeed make people believe by force that they own them, and their country. First they illegally invaded Crimea making that little Ukrainian state terrified and rush into making decisions that have left the country in Russian hands. Yesterday Putin and his invaders took into making it more illegal by signing Crimea into their Federation, world over what a pity, what do we do when Russia is proving to be a global bully. Putin and his government have bullied the world and insulted the sovereignty of Ukraine, it is time the world put an end to this illegal authority of peace. Peace has to be now and Ukraine has to gain Crimea back into her hands, no matter how this is done let the illegal invasion of another country be put to an end.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on pro Russians enter Crimea naval base 19/03/14


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