Mentality of success


The best in every human being is in the brain, the best way you think the more of greater results you get. I was born and bred in a family where my father did not believe that i could be as influential as i am today, to my father what i was to him, i was a waste of space and effort. I do not blame my father, as i happen to have learnt from him the greatest weapon of success. The more my father called me names the more i got used to making myself resistant to failure, as my father named me Edwin which literally means a rich friend, that to me was just enough to motivate me to be what i wanted to be. Now let me tell someone today, no matter what you are being told, no matter how much of you have been eaten up by people in gossip, may i just tell you the mentality of success is to do the best that you are doing to make them more of talkers and you becoming more of an achiever. See that is just simple, think big, do big things, one thing i know is that your big idea is scary and it makes people talk, if it was small no one would find it interesting to talk about. So do not worry keep that mentality you are in the right direction, lets keep thinking big and the more noisier the better, i am on this mentality all the way, do i have someone coming with me?


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