Lovable scent


A lot of the times we are so consumed about the tiny grittiness of our relationships yet we forget the simple things that come with our relationships. I am just so inspired by how a lot of our cultural dimensions play a role in how we behave in our relationships. There are times when i sit and watch mostly the older generation, those that lived in the sixties and the seventies, they had healthy lifestyles in relationships. The problem that we have today is the freedom of choice that we all misuse, we scrutinize almost everything to detail. Our relationships are no longer based on love, they are based on why do we love, how do we love, what is it that you love about me. All these questions  spoil the scent of love in relationships, today starting a relationship is like applying for a job. You have to impress in an interview, you have to show you deserve that person, so if i may ask is it a one way stream or a two way stream. That is just a question for another day, yet the best lovable scent is with you as an individual learning to appreciate the person you are with for who they are, either a family member/spouse, be blessed and be a blessing


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