Un-wavering success


A lot of us today are where we are because of the thought of the past, we are not progressing in life because of that thought of failure in the past, i have lived among my African people, relatives and friends that have believed nothing of me but a useless and worthless person. Boy i tell you today i inspire even those that saw me as a useless person, i have taken them by surprise, all because while they were seeing uselessness in me i saw usefulness in myself, while they spoke hash of me the more i worked harder on my character as a person. There are some people who have similar situation to mine, today i am here to tell you in this blog, success is all about what you tell yourself, un-wavering success is yours once you believe the best about yourself, no one can determine how good you do except yourself. What have you been told? and what have you proven out of what you have been told?


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