Strength of Peace


Our today may never be likened to our tomorrow, today we stand as a blog with the victims of flight MH-370 that has mystically gone missing for days now, our prayers are with the families of those 239 passengers, our prayer is that hope is instilled to them as we also hope the best is yet to come. We do hereby pass our great gratitude to the Civil Aviation authorities involved in search for this plane, we give them all our due respect in efforts they are putting to find leads to the whereabouts of this plane. Back to today’s blog the strength for peace is to be enforced in a world were peace seem to be the core value of governments. It is our wish and vision to see Ukraine back to her best that she is, we are in support of the notion of the 60,000 troops vote that the Ukrainian Government passed to bolster the country’s defense. I personally feel Ukraine has the strength to peace and her sovereignty be protected. EU, UN and the world this is the beginning of a great move by Ukraine and our support is needed let the move and strength of peace be encouraged for Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on China lost plane images a mistake and Ukraine voting for new national Guard 13/03/14


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