Joyous Love


I have observed in years the great and mighty have problems and the only problems the great people face is relationships. In all my observation there is one thing that inspires me as a person, love is the perfect key to happiness. No matter how much of influence one has, the perfect way of handling your relationship is to love without expectation, most of us are in relationships today and expect so much out of the relationship. May i just help you friend what you expect in a relationship should be what you put, i decide myself to be happy at all times no matter how challenging i may feel my girlfriend is, no matter how i feel my family and friends may be. The joy of having them in my life is the greatest gift that i can ever expect in love, you too can enjoy the joyous love that you can. Its only loving unconditionally, remember to be kind, patient, giving and forgiving, that is your simple way to joyous love, be blessed and be a blessing


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