Solid Success


There is a reason why you are how you are as a person, some of us have been the way we are because we have believed what people said about us, some of us are the way we are because we do not believe in the system that we are used to. May i just say to someone that no one was born to be the worst but everyone was born to be the best, it is however that every single day our solid success is melted away, either by what we hear or what we think. Solid success can only be kept intact when you freeze your brain to think negative/receive negative stuff, your brain has to be compounded to good and positive stuff that is the only way you keep your success solid. No matter how many people tell you off the best way in life is telling your self on, think positive, never look negative, dream big, never look small. This is just simple solid success, i believe i have it im starting to freeze in positive, what temperatures are on?


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