Lone Peace


As this blog still focuses more on the missing 239 Malaysian Airlines plane victims, our hearts and prayers are with their families and friends, edwinmathe.com would love to pay their tributes to those that are on the ground doing all that they can to find out what is it that has happened to flight MH-370. Readers and followers alike we are touched and saddened by the disappearance of this plane we pray that the plane will be found and there be survivors/more of them in this large number. Back to the lone peace blog, we are so desperate as humanity to make the last ditch to peace, Putin and his government are so afraid of the international community thus the reason they claim a meeting took place between the US secretary of state and Russia in regards to the Ukraine crisis. Today peace is all alone for the people of Ukraine, as Putin and his government has singled out Ukraine to abuse her and bully her in every way, what are troops from Russia still doing in Crimea? there are demands to which the international community has put to be in place till there is a table set to negotiate with Russia. Our patience is running out, UN and the world can someone remind Putin that Ukraine is not his child, Ukraine is for the Ukrainians not for Russia, peace is a must either alone or with the world behind her Ukraine will be a peaceful nation again.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC both BBC articles on Stolen Jet passports no terror link and Kerry rejects Putin Ukraine meeting 11/03/14


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