Freedom of Peace


This blog today will begin with sad news to which we hope may not be at the end of the day, we pay tributes to the 239 victims of flight M-370 Malaysian aircraft that is still missing. To all that are going to read this blog today on behalf of, our hearts are with families and friends of those that are in the plane M-370. We also give our great honor to the civil aviation authorities involved in search for the plane, the governments that have worked tirelessly hard to keep the situation calm for the friends and relatives of those that are in that plan, as well as keeping them informed of the progress. To our today’s focus on the freedom to peace, we give our praises to Syrian rebels for releasing the Greek Orthodox church nuns and making sure that they to arrive safely in Damascus. This move symbolizes the freedom of peace that Syria as a nation is going through at the moment, may i commend that this action will also yield more positive results in the peace negotiation front. UN and the world let our hearts and support continue with the people of Syria, it is an astonishing accomplishment for the rebels to take such a bold move. 

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on Missing Malaysian jet a mystery, and Syria rebels release kidnapped nuns 10/03/14


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