Choice of Love


There are a lot of us today that struggle so much about relationships that they get into/relationships they are involved in. First things first a relationship is a choice, so is love, one chooses to love and one chooses to hate, i am so much sad at times to hear my friends say that, the girl/woman/men that i am with is not the man/woman i fell in love with. Let us just pause a bit there, the man/woman you fell in love with is not the same one you are in a relationship with, really? how does that happen? i thought incarnation was in movies only unless and until one has plastic surgery. Well for the sake of progress let us say he/she is not the one that you fell in love with, then why don’t you then find that one that you fell in love with in your relationship? Most of us today are caught up with what they like in people not what they choose to love in people, love is kind, patient, truthful, giving and forgiving. Which choice did you make, a love choice or a like choice, i believe this message will help you figure out which one you choose and fix your relationship, be blessed and be a blessing


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