No Annex To Peace


The world is at a stand still today as for reports on how Ukraine is doing, in that tune this blog would love to pay its tributes to the 239 people that are with a missing Malaysian Airline B-777 plane. As this blog addresses peace it is to our heartfelt prayers that go to each and everyone on that plane, we pray for the best not the worst. Back to the Ukrainian crisis, i am so disappointed in Putin and his government, how long should they be bullies? they have made the people of Crimea scared, yes the international community is with the people of Ukraine. UN, EU and the world the annex of peace has to stop as we all continue with plans to make the Ukrainian crisis end in a diplomatic resolution, peace is now for our children the tone that we set now will be the reflections of our future generation. I pray peace not war for Ukraine and i believe its time Mr Putin and his government recognize the importance of peace in Ukraine for the Ukrainians

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on the missing Malaysian plane, and US warning Russia not to Annex Crimea 09/03/14


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