A warning of Peace


I am so much touched by the events that surround peace in Ukraine, this is becoming a more than physical battle between the world and Russia. May i just ask this question what has Russia got to do with Crimea? is it because the majority of people that live there are Russian speaking and are Russian nationals? If Russia wanted to protect its nationals they could just vacate them from Crimea and resettle them elsewhere in Russia and leave the Ukrainian people alone. Today the Russian foreign minister made a statement warning the US on the suctions that are threatening his country, i guess that is the best move that the world has at the moment in saving Ukraine and her sovereignty, Putin and his government should not be allowed to be bullies and this is indeed a warning of peace, Ukraine will be a country that governs itself and including Crimea. UN, EU and world leaders let the warning of peace continue being issued to Russia for her to recognize that today no colonialism can work only peace is the best method for our future generations.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Russia warns the US against sanctions 08/03/14


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