The Vote for Peace


Fear in our lives today have constituted to the world making rational decisions, i am so much touched by what Ukrainians have gone through in the past months. These people are just so tired of being tormented by events surrounding their country, Russia has become another colonial master in the days of independent nations. Wake me up if i am still dreaming, as i thought the colonial era was long gone, today Crimea which is in Ukraine is voting to join the Russian Federation, now i am a bit confused as to why Russia still has a federation, what kind of federation is this? take over other countries? Well the Crimean people will decide on weather they will be part of a federation or not as the referendum will be passed to them in ten days time. UN,EU and the world let our spirit of voting for peace never be the spirit of division, but the spirit of negotiating for the best for our children in a world prepared for peace by ourselves.

Edwin Mathe in Relations to a BBC article on Crimea MP’s Vote to join Russia 06/03/17


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