Strength of Love


A lot in my mind, a lot in my life, does it rain nor pour, my answer is next to none as i try to move on in all the pressures that surround me. Let me just do this, as it is now protocol for me to do, i have no choice but to do this, remember it is my duty to do so. Most of us today are in relationships that we just practice we are not in love, we have practiced so long in the relationship roles than being in love. The strength of love lies with you as an individual to stop making your relationship as a duty post, a place where you go to work, a place where you have no choice but to go. If all of us start believing in our partners appreciating them for who they are, then we will find the strength of love in our relationships, being able to talk and develop new looks in your relationship is the best asset that a great relationship can have. be blessed and be a blessing


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