Distance of Success


I am the one that has in life thought that things can only work when i trust on someone to do them for me, boy was i wrong, a lot of the times i have placed my trust on someone instead of myself. The distance in failure i have traveled as an individual has been due to the people i told my vision, people i trusted with my ideas and dreams. May i just help someone today, there is no better way to travel your success journey than knowing it in you that you can do it, knowing that no one but you that can make your ideas work, no one but you that can bring those dreams out to life. The distance to success and you is just your thought and belief, no one else make it across unless they believe they can do it, no one can believe for you, it is you as an individual to believe in yourself first then your dreams, then your ideas, can you do that? this is your shortest distance to success if you believe.


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