The talks for Peace


It does not take forever to recognize a bully and Russia is what she is becoming a simple bully, what is Putin and his mind games up to, he has refused that there are troops in Crimea. Blatantly the man says anyone can buy an army uniform guess in Russia anyone can buy an army riffle too and patrol in another country claiming to be Russian? nice one Mr Putin but not for us, your troops are nearly invading a nation that has nothing to do with your Russia a nation that just came out of pain because of you and your agent Victor, so what more do you want. It is a good effort by the US secretary of state to hold talks with the Russian foreign minister to address the issue in Ukraine. It is however i feel the Russians aught to appologise for their bullish behavior to the Ukrainians, instead of the whole world making it seem like they did something right by sending dozens of their troops in another country with claims of protecting their own. UN, EU and the world despite the talks diplomatically to try and help in Ukraine my take on this is simple, what about Russia’s actions?, what is it that the UN and its security council going to do, about Russia’s actions? as clearly if Russia goes Scot free, and unpunished all other nations will feel like bullying other nations is a good thing. May the talks for peace include justice for Ukraine and her sovereignty, today one lesson for another will make this world a better place and peace will be a tablet that writes matters that govern our future.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on US-Russia Talks over Ukraine crisis 05/03/14


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