Belief of Love


One of my times i visited an old friend of mine, after a few days of preparing for the visit, my friend and i met, we were both excited about meeting but now the venue was at his place. My friend tried the two days that we met to accommodate me as much as he could, there were things i felt that made me uncomfortable as i was with this friend of mine, he kept on being on the phone and every time he came off the phone there was this unpleasant look on his face. This told me something was going on with my friend’s relationship, obviously he was not going to tell me as we had been apart in years. Most of us today have problems in our relationships and we don’t think that there may be someone out there with a similar problem, and they could help. Most of our problems are just simple, we have to believe in each other and believe in the love that we both share, this can only be done through being patient, being kind and forgiving. These are just simple steps that can make your belief in love strong and you will learn to be appreciative to another, be blessed and be a blessing


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