Settlement of Love


There are a lot of us today who have held grudges of years and years, we have relationships that are so stinking with hate, emotional stress and distress, relationships that are full of prisoners, and imprisoned past matters. There is so much pain in most relationships today, it is so much that no one thinks its a good thing to be in love. Love has come up to be a word that is used just for re-munition/incentives of getting something from someone, our relationships today can only heal if we learn one major thing, forgiveness. Forgiveness is the only way out of a sour and bitter relationship, just settle your bill of love through facing your partner and telling them how sorry you are for holding them in a prison of anger for what they did to you last week, yesterday, two weeks back/a month ago further than a month even that three to four years grudge, just take a step and be the bigger one, see what your relationship becomes. This is just settling the debt you owe to love, be blessed and be a blessing


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