No Objection of Peace


Today’s world is governed by fear and a lot of violence looming in nations that we all less expect that tensions could rise, the whole world is in amazement as to what Ukraine is going through. I am so honored to be a peace advocate at such times as this, i have believed that most of the peace organisations may love the work that my blog has done so far in advocating for peace in the whole world, Mr Putin and his Russia are tormenting a country that is just come out of pain losing 85 people in a demonstration through an instrument they initiated, the ex prime minister Mr Yanukovych. Today Russia is busy threatening this beautiful peace loving nation of Ukraine by saying that they will send more troops into Crimea, UN, EU and world leaders never can this be allowed for one nation to abuse another, this literally is objection of peace for the Ukrainian people and this has to be stopped sooner rather than latter, may there be no objection to peace as Ukraine surges through her democratic right to govern herself as a peace loving nation, not Russia neither Mr Putin can be that objection, peace and only peace for Ukraine

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Putin not sending troops to Ukraine 04/03/14


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