The Wind of Love


Its blowing one direction, it is how i would love it to be, i pray this gentle breeze never cease, i am here waiting for a moment, i am here thinking of that beauty, the beauty i saw yesterday. I sit and i wonder will today be the same as yesterday, maybe more sweeter, however i recognize that day after day i develop and blow with the wind of love, today it will blow my way sweeter than yesterday i believe. Today we as people have problems in our relationships not because we are not faithful to those that we love, we have problems because we are not in tune with each other, we are so ignorant of each other’s needs in every way, a lot of us do not understand the values and needs of one another yet we have been counting the years of marriage, relationship/family together. Understanding one another’s ways of doing things makes the wind of love blow your way in your relationship, there is no simpler way of feeling the breeze of love than understanding your partner, family member or your wife/husband. This is just the wind of love and i feel it is blowing our way, are you ready for it/ be blessed and be a blessing


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