Stolen Peace


As the world watches of what is remaining in Ukraine, there seems to be someone in the verge of stealing peace from the Ukrainians, i sober in tears as i see the power of Ukrainian people shift to wrong hands. It has been a long wait for the Ukraine people to get their country moving again, and when the country begins to move Russia becomes an obstacle of progress, what is Russia doing in Ukraine, what are their troops doing in Crimea, UN and the world what on earth is going on in Europe, European Union what do we say of such bullish traditions that Russia has developed. Are we heading to a second world of colonialism, if so i believe that Ukrainians have their peace stolen from them by Russia, UN, EU and world leaders do something before Ukraine suffers a terrible fall, help Ukraine maintain her peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Russia tightens grip on Crimea 03/03/14


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