Leveled Success


Success is often described by a lot of people as hard to come by, and when it comes by it is often described as hard to maintain, i grew up in Africa where if your father/uncle/brother was not linked to anything that had success in it, then you are just not going to be successful that is it, i know there are a lot of us who still believe in all the inherited success, they have believed that if my father/uncle/brother had such and such success then it will be transferred to me as an individual. May i just say to someone if you are not related to a successful man/women, may i just say by logging on to this blog, you have now associated yourself with the lineage of success, as i am here to tell you that leveled success can only be archived by your thought and dream nothing else but your thought and dream, no one can take your dream to where you believe it should be except you. So your own idea and the hunger you have to succeed is the only level of success you need, no matter how poor your uncle/father/ brother may be you can not base your success on their failure but base your success level on how you pursue your dream and ideas. This is just a simple connection to your success world no matter what book you read, i believe the first of the things you will read is all to do with your ideas and dreams, this is just the level of success, what is it that you have been doing not having your thought, i say start dreaming and start pursuing your dreams, that is how you measure your success, its level inst it?


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