The power of Love


There is a lot that humanity go through in life, we are the best at making assumptions about other people and we are the most people in judgement seats when we do not know what other people are going through. Most of our relationships like humanity are full of assumptions we are not sure weather tomorrow will come while we are in our relationships, we loose patience, we loose kindness, we loose our sense of love, we loose forgiveness, most of us suffer in relationships because we have no forgiveness. Forgiveness is the key to the power of love, so if your life is full of grudges i pray that you start forgiving and move on in love, be blessed and be a blessing

Absolute Peace


It is just a statement that I will give and maybe one of my most blunt blogs of my time, Ukraine as a nation is divided into two, the zone for politicians and their blame game as well as the civilians wanting their power. As the protests ‘ go, the Government that is formed by the people blames the opposition for the erupting violence in Kiev.  What is the European Union doing and what are its leaders seeing as Ukraine is becoming like a stubborn stain on peace, may I say EU, UN and world leaders this is now threatening to being a concern for absolute peace in the world, do something before we see Ukraine becoming another Syria.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on renewed assaults on Ukraine protesters 19/02/14

Breed of Success


Most successful people are not in business, they may never thought of being businessmen/women, most successful people have just breed what they are good at. Most of us today have had a lot of trouble trying to secure debts for businesses that we find crumbling by day, i often hear this excuse, for people that may see failure in what they are not good at saying ” business is a risk” well if i have someone believing in that may i just disappoint you as in saying you as a person are a risk to yourself. Success is about breeding what you are genetically good at, what is your genealogy? one time i was looking at the history of one of the leading businessman of my time Sir Richard Bronson, his genetics were selling, he was good at it and he is still good at it. He found a way of making his breed of what he was good at work for him, now everything he does is about selling, so what is your breed? what are you good at doing? I am good at motivating and inspiring you. Therefore i have more and more ideas in inspiring you, so i am good at it i believe me and you are good to breed success in everything we are good at, are you ready to breed?

Desire of Love


Most beautiful treasures lie in an Island, this Island is surrounded by this beautiful music, maybe i am dreaming, maybe i may make it to the Island that is full of this beautiful treasure, perhaps i may not make it, but this song i sing in admiration of this beautiful Island of love. Most of us today desire to be loved, they desire the best of words in their relationships, they desire the tone that is greater than shaping their relationships to another level. May i just say to someone today, the desire of love is based on how you as a person treat the other person in a way you may wish that you could be treated as, the desire to love is based on the language that one use on another, the desire to love is based on how kind one is to another, the desire to love is based on how many times one forgives the other, the desire of love is based on how much of wrong one does not keep for another. Do you have the desire to love? that is your question to answer at your own given time, i believe all of us have that desire, be blessed and be a blessing

To the North of Peace


There are days in our lives we feel like peace is so near yet so far, the UN has in times has amazed me as a person, they act like an instrument of injustice. I am so much touched by the work rate that the UN has put under Mr Ban Ki-Moon, the progress in Syria under Mr Ki-Moon’s leadership is to me, as a peace loving citizen of the world, has raised questions as to weather the UN secretary general is up for the task of making nations prosper in peace or since the days of Koffi Annan the UN policies on peace have changed. It gets to a point where one asks a lot of questions about the need for the United Nations as a body, do they represent peace or something else that we peace loving people have no idea of. North Korea has been in years violating humanitarian rights to its people and it is now, that the UN heads an investigation/try to find a solution, and the question remains why now? If the shift of peace heads north that means the whole world has been watching a massacre of peace, world over we are not to liken ourselves to failure in the peace process, it is advisable to the UN today that when atrocities are committed, the action is there and then so that people are quick to heal up.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on UN wants North Korean regime crimes punished 17/02/14

Liberty of Success


In many ways i have lived a free and fair life, but for this one i am more free to think, more free to express my thought, more free to dream, the dreams that i dream are not just dreams they are dreams of greatness, dreams of success. My thoughts today reflect the great aspect of my life, my thoughts are of greatness, they reflect my vision for success, most of us today are failing in life not because of lake of resources, we fail because we lake the liberty to think beyond what we can imagine, our thoughts are based on things that are around us, we have never thought outside our environment. May i just inspire someone today, for you to have a peaceful night sleep, you have to think beyond the single bed that you sleep on, start dreaming about a house while you rent a small room, start thinking a business while you on that job that pays you peanuts, hey someone i need someone to start thinking beyond their circumstances. This is called the liberty of success, make it across no matter how flooded the river is, are you prepared to do the impossible?

Un-figured Peace


There is a place that is peaceful in life that we all wish for, it is however that no matter how we try to make the world a more peaceful place there are others that are not thinking on the lines of peace at all. Peace has to be figured out in order for humanity to progress, Egypt is still suffering the wounds of the past, what is Mohammed Morsi still doing on the trial box, there has been one more cue since he was president of Egypt, there are so many problems that where not caused by him yet the tax payer is still paying for Morsi to appear in court. When the apartheid regime fell no one was tried in the international court of law for crimes against humanity in South Africa, all because Mandela and the ANC knew what forgiveness meant, so to say un-figured peace is all about forgiving and letting our nations heal in their wounds as we build a great lasting legacy for our children and their generations to come.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Morsi trial due on spying charges 16/02/14