Triggered Success


There are times that when i watch movies from Hollywood there is something that makes me wonder, why does the lead actor have to be the one winning/remaining alive. In action movies one dies holding a gun and funny enough they die while their hand is on a trigger, this is what most of us today are faced with, we are in a movie yet we choose the wrong characters, maybe we are extras. Success is about making sure that your finger is on a trigger to push that dream/idea out of the barrel and obtain your goals, do not die with your dream nearly out of the barrel, fight to make your dream a reality, fight to be the guy/woman that does not die, the woman/man that is the lead role, no matter what obstacles are on your way have the mentality of a lead role in a movie, protect your ideas, make your dreams come true, yes they will come true don’t stop dreaming and when you dream, dream big, that i call triggered success, do you have what it takes?


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