The Loyalty of Peace


There are moments that makes humanity go wild in celebration, there are moments that humanity feel like it is a dream for peace to return in their own backyard. Negotiators of peace around the world have envied the best in the world in terms of peace, no one has ever envisaged Europe having an outbreak of violence. All the treaties that are on human rights are based on the European Union of rights, having one of its own become so much in violence seems to be a mystery that needs to be solved. The interim Prime Minister of Ukraine has done such a wonderful thing in disbanding the elite Burkut police unit, this is a bold move that may help the Ukrainian people to heal and not been reminded of the past. This is the way i believe in, as  peace should be the art-most aim for nations around the world and the loyalty of peace should be evident among humanity, it is the best start of a peaceful Ukraine, hope the world sees the best in this and the loyalty of peace observed in Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine elite police disbanded 26/02/14 


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