Kind Love


Most of us today wish that freedom could come in our relationships, we wish that if there could be someone out there listening and heal our pain, we are crying in relationships, either marriages or just family relationships. There are two ways in life one is gratitude and the other is respect, the two are mostly mistaken in relationships, most people believe if gratitude is not given then one is ignorant, if one deserves gratitude they are seen to be the most selfish person that one has ever seen, respect in relationships starts with gratitude, if one is acknowledged of what they have given/done they tend to be motivated to do more. Kind love is based on knowing the best that one has done for you, a thank you and I’m grateful means a lot to humanity, it is a cutesy word but showing kindness. Most of our relationships are in the verge of collapsing, because no one wants to be mature enough to appreciate one another, we all believe if its your boyfriend/girlfriend, we believe it is his/her duty to appreciate you as an individual. If we all learn to be appreciative of each other’s efforts towards our relationships then the evidence of kind love shows up in your relationship, i believe you can find this more helpful and may help you grow in kind love, be blessed and be a blessing


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