Unseperated Peace


There is an ongoing thing about humanity, humanity today has lost its values of respect and the power to make peace a resolution. Doubts have become the norm of humanity, there is no way that human beings today value life and peace in the same stream. Ukraine has a problem, the EU security council does not solve a problem, yet they just cause more problems, imposing sanctions and travel bans to the perpetrators of violence is not the easy way out. Ukrainians have helped themselves solve this crisis, the ex-president is no longer seen anywhere in Ukraine no one knows where he is, now the interim government warns, there may be separation for those that are anti-Russia and those that are anti-EU, my view is let the nation of Ukraine be together and deal with their problems as a nation without separation, may the UN and the EU intervene in this situation while a transitional government helps the nation heal of its wounds.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine leader warns of separatism 25/02/14


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