Simple love


There has been times that i feel like my girlfriend is lecturing me, i feel like she is the one that drives and controls the relationship, i feel like at times i can not give in to what she wants. There are a lot of us today that are going through stuff in our relationships, and we all feel like either him/her is not listening or giving attention to what we are saying. Most of us today feel like our relationships are more of a battle field than a place of peace and love, this is just through a simple reason, most of us are too serious on issues that do not need seriousness, we treat our relationships like a navy barrack/a police academy where everything is done in an orderly manner. May i just say, love is a simple thing, if one becomes patient, if one becomes a forgiving person, if one becomes a giver, if one becomes a kind person, just these simple things just make love so simple, i am working on these simple things are you also doing the same? be blessed and be a blessing


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