To the North of Peace


There are days in our lives we feel like peace is so near yet so far, the UN has in times has amazed me as a person, they act like an instrument of injustice. I am so much touched by the work rate that the UN has put under Mr Ban Ki-Moon, the progress in Syria under Mr Ki-Moon’s leadership is to me, as a peace loving citizen of the world, has raised questions as to weather the UN secretary general is up for the task of making nations prosper in peace or since the days of Koffi Annan the UN policies on peace have changed. It gets to a point where one asks a lot of questions about the need for the United Nations as a body, do they represent peace or something else that we peace loving people have no idea of. North Korea has been in years violating humanitarian rights to its people and it is now, that the UN heads an investigation/try to find a solution, and the question remains why now? If the shift of peace heads north that means the whole world has been watching a massacre of peace, world over we are not to liken ourselves to failure in the peace process, it is advisable to the UN today that when atrocities are committed, the action is there and then so that people are quick to heal up.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on UN wants North Korean regime crimes punished 17/02/14


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