Breed of Success


Most successful people are not in business, they may never thought of being businessmen/women, most successful people have just breed what they are good at. Most of us today have had a lot of trouble trying to secure debts for businesses that we find crumbling by day, i often hear this excuse, for people that may see failure in what they are not good at saying ” business is a risk” well if i have someone believing in that may i just disappoint you as in saying you as a person are a risk to yourself. Success is about breeding what you are genetically good at, what is your genealogy? one time i was looking at the history of one of the leading businessman of my time Sir Richard Bronson, his genetics were selling, he was good at it and he is still good at it. He found a way of making his breed of what he was good at work for him, now everything he does is about selling, so what is your breed? what are you good at doing? I am good at motivating and inspiring you. Therefore i have more and more ideas in inspiring you, so i am good at it i believe me and you are good to breed success in everything we are good at, are you ready to breed?


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