Un-figured Peace


There is a place that is peaceful in life that we all wish for, it is however that no matter how we try to make the world a more peaceful place there are others that are not thinking on the lines of peace at all. Peace has to be figured out in order for humanity to progress, Egypt is still suffering the wounds of the past, what is Mohammed Morsi still doing on the trial box, there has been one more cue since he was president of Egypt, there are so many problems that where not caused by him yet the tax payer is still paying for Morsi to appear in court. When the apartheid regime fell no one was tried in the international court of law for crimes against humanity in South Africa, all because Mandela and the ANC knew what forgiveness meant, so to say un-figured peace is all about forgiving and letting our nations heal in their wounds as we build a great lasting legacy for our children and their generations to come.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Morsi trial due on spying charges 16/02/14


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