Brighter Love


As the day shines bright, today is another day, most people think and act in love today, it is the 14 of February yes, Valentines day i may call it a licence to love. Most of us today have a quest of our relationships functioning well, we crave for that moment that is so special like Valentines day, it is however that no matter how much we often try, our efforts are blown away even on such a special day such as Valentine. May i just put a smile on someone today, no matter how difficult your relationship is today the best way to deal with it is just smile, maintain a positive attitude in whatever you do, be patient, know that no one is perfect but are all working progress, be kind no matter what circumstances prove, never look back at the wrongs that your relationship endured. Remember just those aspects will just brighten up your day, they will indeed make your love shine so bright, happy Valentines day i believe that you are in a special mood and today is the day your relationship turns around for the better be blessed and be a blessing


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