A Plea For Peace


I am in the middle of thinking right here, is the world coming to an end or its just the people that are getting it wrong? the UN and its people in our days look like they all think alike, everyone employed under the UN thinks like their employer. What is the UN role in negotiating for peace? what have they done to show that they have worked so hard to make Syria peaceful, all they do is just waste Syrian people’s time and cause confusion, then whooo they blame it on the Syrians, i am so deeply embarrassed for the UN right now, as their humanitarian chief pleads with Syria to stop violating the international humanitarian law, really, i mean really is she that serious? well for the record first the UN envoy to Syria a man called Mr Brahimi was meant to be strong in his quest to end violence first in Syria, before entering into negotiations for peace, now Mr Brahimi allowed the Syrian opposition to negotiate peace while the two where still fighting, i think Mr Brahimi forgot the word cease fire on his peace road. Why is the humanitarian chief in Syria asking the security council to act? weren’t they that put Syria where it is? world over we can not sit and watch the world go on in this plea for peace that is never in motion as the UN muddles everyone’s hope for peace in Syria. UN and world leaders may your attention of fixing your wrong ideas on Syria be now/we are facing another genocide, this is my counter peace plea in negotiating peace for Syria

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on UN humanitarian chief in Syria plea 14/02/14


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