Resistant Success


There are dreams that most of us dream and they keep them in their minds, there are ideas that some of us think and they end up in the storeroom of ideas, we as people have lost the zeal, we have lost the attitude to do things. This at times is because we are just discouraged before we even try, most of us are so much reliant on other people’s opinions, we do not think for ourselves, let me help someone today, you do not need someone else’s approval for you to be a success, if at all cost you do not have a plan about your ideas, just rather wait till you find the right time to bring them out. Success has to be resistant, you have to fight as hard as you can to guard your dreams, fight as hard as you can to protect your ideas, don’t change because everyone else is changing, i have decided in my life that i be by myself for now and avoid criticism of my dreams and ideas, it might sound cowardice at times but it helps, now in making my success resistant i need space without those that want to change me, i work on my space to change them instead, is anyone as resistant as i am?


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