Pesistant Peace


Opinions of politicians in today’s world have made the people loose both hope and trust in structures that govern peace, peace is an ordeal to a lot of people in the world, we are masters of our own massacres. Yes the Taliban fell in 2001, however the ignorance of the world on issues that bring in a stable and persistence of peace in Afghanistan has made the Afghan people think more negative of the UN, UK, and the US particularly all because of their role in a country that has been believed to be a weapons of mass detraction warehouse and then what happened? where those weapons found? are we still in search of them? tell me today how is it like for a Child in Afghanistan diagnosed with polio, in a country that the world think is more peaceful, the persistence of peace is to follow all the way what we all started as the world in Afghanistan. UN and the world let this world be in pursuit for justice, let this world be in pursuit for equality and health for all and it is now that all that we left unattended to be attended.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Alarm as Kabul records polio case 11/02/14


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