Abiding Love


Worry is in all people’s faces if it is the eleventh day of the month of February, i am so astonished on the amount of money that people across the globe spend in order for them to be happy. In my own thought, happiness is not a commodity, it is a lifestyle you can not buy happiness, it is that most of us today we base our love on days, if it is Valentines Day then i have to love him/her more, it is just that day that one loves and the rest of the days in the year are just not for loving. May i press a stamp on you, abiding love has no date, time, and venue, it is ever present when you start to realize that your mood is not a feeling but your choice of spoiling that day, no matter how affected you are in your mood swings, you can swing them to happiness direction all your days. After all they are called mood swings, they swing, so who is responsible for swinging them? it is obvious that most of our relationships are based on grudges which when the mood to make judgement comes, then we are hiding behind moods, swing those damn moods in the love direction which does not keep records of wrongs, which appreciates a person for who they are, which is patient and kind. That is just a reminder of abiding love, be blessed and be a blessing


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