Wave of Love


There are times when relationships seem to be working on their own, when everything seems to be the ideal and best way of doing it. I is so amazing that most of us want to see our relationships work, yet we do not want to work on them, most of us today want relationships that we see on televisions, we live movie relationships. May i just say there is nothing wrong about admiring movie love, it is however a wrong notion to want it come to you without work, there is no magic relationship, a relationship has to be worked, for you to feel the wave of love there has to be a foundation. Most of us are just operating in relationships that have no foundation, they just want things to happen, may i just say nothing just happens, sorry to disappoint you but that is the truth. The wave of love blows your way because you prepared for it, you prepared for it with your language, prepared for it with the skill you develop to love someone, it is work that you apply to make your relationship work, this wave of love can blow your way when you learn to exercise patience, kindness, unselfishness, forgiving and giving and finally never keeping record of wrongs. I can feel this wave blowing my way, i believe you can do this too, be blessed and be a blessing


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