Resurrected Peace


There is a time in the world where everyone of us needs a break, our brains become more drained with the stresses that life throws our way. United Nations at times looks like a panic organisation, pushing the pause button when things are meant to be moving, today peace seems like a luxury vehicle to all those that can only afford it. Ordinary people have to suffer before the rich Politicians and all religious leaders reach an agreement on peace, peace is dead and buried if the people do not ask questions why? the UN and world leaders remain silent until there is totally a catastrophic situation, until and when the UN personnel are attacked in the war front that is when action has to be taken, today Syria is in fresh talks because there has been a need in the city of Homs. There has been a problem in Homs, UN food aid convoy was attacked and there are officials from the UN i believe may have been casualties of this attack, wow its a Monday today there are fresh talks in Geneva. UN what is your thought about Syria? i did not know the UN paused peace talks in Syria, Mr Brahimi did you sanction the pause? why was there a pause of negotiations? If this resurrected Peace means anything to anyone UN it better be the last Syrians cry at your expense, this is raising eyebrows for Mr Ki-Moon, Brahimi and the UN, resurrected peace has to bring peace at all cost for the people of Syria who have worked so hard to sit on the table and negotiate peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Hope of new Homs truce as talks held 10/02/14


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