Talking Peace


There is so much pain that humanity suffers today, the unjust systems that has caused us as people to live in hate and despair. Today the whole world is watching Syria leading to a catastrophic nation, as the UN toys around with the peace process of people of Syria. My take on this is that Mr Brahimi has failed as the UN envoy to Syria, as since the negotiations for peace began, things have not improved for the Syrians, we have heard of barrel bombs now food shortages. UN and the world what is it that we are talking about when it comes to Syria?  Is it peace or war? UN and the world we can not wait any longer for peace to be the talk of Syrians, do something in Syria as of today.  The aid that was to be given to the Syrian people has been attacked and that shows that our peace negotiations in Syria are either with the wrong people or the UN itself has a problem.  Peace in Syria now or we are watching another war that has no ending.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on UN undeterred by Homs aid attack 09/02/14


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