Unguarded Peace


When sports becomes a battle field all of us in the world should now be afraid of sports, it is however that the fear that is planted in humanity today is all about religion if not politics. Politicians and religious leaders today blame one another for the threat of peace in the world, yet if these two sort their differences out the whole world will live in peace. Today because of the power struggles that we have between politicians and religious folk, boom the world is in disorder there is no peace for everyone while politicians and religious leaders sit in large round tables drinking well brewed beer, well brewed coffee and all good things that comes with power, lets talk sport, all i hear today is that the winter Olympics in Russia are a target by those that are fighting peace, toothpaste tubes are now used to traffic explosives, why world why? has the UN not heard the call before? sit down with all the religious folks and try and negotiate peace, Pakistani has made at least a step forward by inviting the Taliban to a negotiating table, UN and world leaders you initiate a peace plan with Al-quedda let this world not be caught unguarded in peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on US warning Sochi of toothpaste bombs 06/02/14


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