Solvent Love


A lot of us today have problems, we have problems that worry us a lot, problems that keep us awake all night, if you notice that half of the problems that the world has today are relationship problems, this includes politically and religiously. Most religious folks talk about love, yet in their vocabulary love is just a word in church to get an amen, we are suffering as humanity not because we do not have enough resources, we suffer because we do not know how to use what we have. There are relationships today that most of us have deemed surplus to requirement, they are no longer able to be repaired. May i just help someone today, the solution to your relationship no matter how bad it is, it is just the language and tone of your words, most of us talk bad when things go bad, i tend to be the opposite, when my relationship is falling apart i think positive about it, i take credit of my failures and find a place where we both go even in understanding that love is what brought us together and love has to make us friends when whatever we shared finish. This is just a simple solution that may be the solvent love to your relationship, be blessed and be a blessing


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