Tempered Success


I was born in a family that was never an encouraging family, at times when my father would complement me i was kind of in a state of shock, i am not scaring someone here, i am only stating the obvious situations that most of us go through in life. In as much as negativity was the order of the day where i grew up, positivism became my assignment, when my own father could tell me how stupid i was, i was in the stewards cupboard to find me wisdom, there are a lot of us who have been told things in life that have tempered with your success. May i just say your success is only tempered with but not eradicated, those are just words no one took away your success, you have been told that business will never set off the ground, but i am here to tell you that you are only in the beginning of your foundation, everyone including your own blood have their opinion on you, its only an opinion not a contract, most of us are taken down by what people say about us, they just say but what do you do? when your success is tempered with just fix it and ride on it after all it is yours none will take it away from you, i am going forward in fixing whatever tempered success i have in my cupboard, i am sure there are a lot of tempered ones in yours so lets get cracking this year and fix them, let them function again, can you do that?


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