Condemnation of Peace


Peace suffers even though we work so hard to negotiate it, most of us in the world when we are near to celebrate them boom something so disheartening comes up. UN and world leaders, the UN Envoy to Syria, what happened to the peace talks that were going on in Geneva, are they finished, has the Envoy for Syria given up too as there seem to be something that has happened in the Syrian city of Aleppo, Mr Brahimi may i be the first to ask this question if the world are afraid to ask it, was the ceasefire plan not in your agenda in the peace talks that you negotiated for Syria?, if it was, then you may have missed the wording of ceasefire, and if you were negotiating for peace what are you doing involving wrong people to negotiate peace for Syrians, as i said it, some time back when negotiations began, the whole world is watching what you will do Mr Brahimi, as i look at things at the moment its not hard for me to say that the UN as an organisation again are not wishing peace for Syria, as Syrians walked towards the table to negotiate peace UN and its envoy are walking towards a destruction for Syria meeting. All the blame will obviously go to the man in charge at the moment guess who? i believe you all know President Assad, how on earth is Assad stepping up attacks isn’t he the one that walked to the table first to negotiate peace? well guess my condemnation of peace is only for the world to see another failure of the UN and its envoy for Syria to solve the Syrian crisis, world over peace has to be fair to every nation and the UN as a body, the world looks at for such, it has to step up before there are a lot of people dying, further to the ones that the world is loosing every single day. Peace is condemned and its a shame that at the rate of condemnation there is only one force to it, the force that is meant to be for peace but is acting against it, United Nations do something before its dawn.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the US condemning the Aleppo barrel bombs 05/02/14


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