Best of Love


There are times when one feels like they are in short supply of love, they feel like in a way they are cheated in every way, may i just say indeed at times a lot of us are cheated in relationships, not because the ones we are in relationships with want to cheat us, it is all because we both do not know what we want in that relationship, most of us today live a life that is full of empty promises, our relationships are just near misses, we have no plan in our relationships, we are not sure where our relationships are going. It is such that i note, best of love can only be found when you trust, first you as an individual need to trust yourself before you trust someone, this i mean, can you trust yourself to the extent that you can resist those things/habits that you do when no one is looking? well i am not here to condemn, but here to help us develop lasting and good relationships in love, best of love is only and simply based on trust, if you trust one another in your relationship then all other things will fall in place, you start having a plan and you start seeing where you are going both of you not one. Remember you are a team and when both of you have a plan then you have a direction, this is at most what our relationships lake, i believe you and i will learn to trust and believe in each other for us to have the best of love in all our relationships, be blessed and be a blessing


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