Strength of Love


At times we as people tend not to recognize simple ethics of love that is the reason why our relationships suffer, we tend to enter into relationships as though we are entering a battlefield, we enter into relationships and begin to give orders as to what we want and not consider the next person in a relationship, selfishness has cost us relationships that we may have kept working for years. We have idolized the notion of i myself and i kind of thing, a lot of times our relationships crumble not because we have no strength to keep them together, but all because of selfishness, the strength of love lies in working together, and as a team your relationship tend to be stronger, if both of you call the shots your relationship moves. Remember that perfect love is not selfish and if you are selfish there comes a time when you as a person can not keep/stay in relationships because you alone can not be a team, believing this to be a lesson even for myself as i blog, be blessed and be a blessing


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