Peace Returns


One of the best things i often love about life is that it has its own ways of interpreting itself, peace sometimes becomes a noble game and no one who is at the top understands it no matter how complicated they tend to make it. We as humanity have protested for peace and it is peace that we want, in an African perspective a leader is unopposed and he/she can say what he/she wants with no one telling him/she what they want, dictators are everywhere in the world, Ukraine in the quest for people’s voice is at a stand still in a peace returns deal as protesters are still wanting the returning President to step down, will the peace returns be in in favor of the people/in favor of the ones wanting to cling to power? as they say power corrupts good character. Let the peace reigns and returns be with the people of Ukraine, EU and the UN all the peace road leads to your great decisions, its now or never we have the returns of peace favoring the majority not a politician.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine leader returns after illness 03/02/14


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