The stand of Peace


It is such a terrible thing in humanity to hear and see the brutality of one human being on another, it is such a disgusting thing to evidently hear leaders of economically sound worlds referring to a mere protest as a violent coupe. Governments today are voted into power by the people and they are in offices to do as what the people voted them into power for, i am so much saddened this morning as to read three stories that are far off the praise of peace, we all would want to sing about, Ukraine is getting better as i believe that its rivals met face to face in Munich for the very first time, which make me have hope that the EU will finally come to a peace deal and a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian problem. South Sudan is now in need of food according to the UN, what happened to a peace resolution?, why do we hear food aid than hearing both aid and a resolution on the table UN and the world the stand for peace can not be broken while we watch humanity perish, humanity is perishing because of dialogue issues, world leaders have not put in the forefront peaceful resolutions to nations that are going through a crisis, it is an effort for the UN to let the world know that aid is needed in South Sudan, but as a peace keeping organisation what is their role in finding a lasting peace resolution in that country. Thailand on the other hand is a rising flame, world leaders do something before its dawn, stand for peace as the world is in desperate need of peaceful resolutions, let peace reign in all nations that are troubled and let us as humanity give our support in every way in order for brother to be a brother to another, for a sister to cherish and care for another, for a religious leader to be arm in arm with another in putting peace in the forefront.

Edwin Mathe in relations to three BBC articles on divided Thailand votes amid protests, Ukraine rivals face off at summit and food needed for 3,7 million people in South Sudan 


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